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Successful Thesis Defense Is a Combination of Many Factors


Diploma defense is a mandatory process of summing up the results of many years of study, evaluation of a graduate as an independent young specialist, who has been trained and graduates by the department of the university. At the defense of the diploma, the student provides his skills, knowledge, the ability to present what he has created, defend his opinion, reason, analyze. These abilities will be useful to him in his future work, no matter what field of activity he chooses. Very often, the defense of a thesis is formal, but, nevertheless, each student will have to report on the work done.


On the appointed day, an attestation commission meets, which is ready to hear you. Most often, the commission is 5-7 people (sometimes more) headed by the chairman. You should not assume that all of them are people who do not understand anything about the issue of the diploma topic, because. most often, the commission includes not just “people from the street” or officials from the offices who do not know the subtleties and pitfalls. Very often these are people who are specialists, if not specifically in the topic of your diploma, but in this specialty - for sure. 


And the supervisor of your thesis, no matter how strict, tyrant or corrosive and capricious person he is, knows exactly what each of his graduate students is capable of and often acts on your side during the defense of the diploma. A graduate student who has not defended his work will not improve the performance of an institute, department, and specifically your curator, it will only ruin your performance. Another thing is that without nit-picking, correcting mistakes, reworking the graduation project, your supervisor will not allow the diploma to be defended.


Based on all this, your thesis should be, if not brilliant, then at least performed at a good level. Therefore, order the execution of https://us.paperhelpwriting.com/rewrite-my-paper/ your work by our company, which employs specialists from various fields and fields of activity, who regularly and successfully create unique student individual works.


The diploma defense scenario is standard almost everywhere: the student presents (reads or retells the report by heart), at the same time, the members of the attestation commission study the handout (if any). 6-10 minutes are allotted for this, then the members of the commission ask the graduate questions on the work, to which he must answer - this is approximately 10-20 minutes. 


Very often, a modern thesis defense is a demonstration of work in the form of a presentation using the Power Point package. The presentation is accompanied by the graduate student's comments. Then the commission confers (sometimes individually for each graduate, sometimes for all at the same time) and makes its decision with the announcement of the assessment of your work.


Much depends on the speech of the graduate student at the defense of his work or during the presentation, it must be carefully prepared, thought out and highlight the real stages of work, tasks and conclusions. After all, members of the commission will not have time to carefully study your work. Your work will be judged by the report, reviews (if required), answers to questions from the commission, handouts.

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Narrative charts are a way to record patient data. This allows nurses and doctors to quickly consult patients and plan for future treatment. Nursing students who are successful will be able to use both the SOAIP and DAIR methods of narrative charting. Each letter in the acronym DAIR represents a step in the information-gathering and treatment procedures: Data, Assessment, Intervention and Response. Each letter in SOAIP represents a type or data: Subjective, Assessment, Assess, Intervene, Propose, and Observation. To be proficient at narrative charting, you must practice making observations and drawing reasonable conclusions. Then, formulate the best plan of actions based on these conclusions.

how to write a narrative documentation

DAIR Charting

Step 1

You can gather empirical evidence using your five senses as well as established facts. Keep track of the facts you believe to be true under the "D" category.

Step 2

You can use the "A" section of the form to assess the data and draw conclusions using your knowledge and experience as a nurse.

Step 3

Assist the patient if necessary and note the actions you took in the "I" section of the narrative charting.

Step 4

Under the heading "R", record the patient's reaction to your intervention.

SOAIP Charting

Step 1

Ask the patient for details about the incident that led to the injury or symptoms of the illness. Record these under the "S” category to gather subjective information.

Step 2

You will gather empirical evidence using your five senses and other established facts. Take notes of the patient's appearance and sound during the subjective step. Also, note any additional observations and keep them under the heading "O" for objective information.

Step 3

Analyse the data in "A" and draw conclusions based upon your knowledge and experience as a nurse.

Step 4

Assist the patient if necessary and note the actions taken in the "I" section of the narrative charting.

Step 5

You may suggest additional measures that could be needed in the future to provide relief. For example, you might consider administering another dose after the prescribed time. Your recommendations should be recorded in the "P” category.

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Remember, that one thing that is often underrated in writing is spacing. When you make your paper’s structure, see if changing the spacing makes a difference. You can also check the punctuation to see if it can help you smooth over some of the more awkward sentences. Be certain that you are ready to work, since failing to find the right mood will reduce your productivity. When it’s low already, you might be better off contacting guys and having them take a look at your draft. Remember that your essay should be built according to the principles of academic writing, so having someone give you enough pointers to fix all the errors can be beneficial to your grades.


Not many students are organized, and even less have enough experience to make an outstanding essay on their first try. Even working on your note-taking can be a worthy time investment, since it will help you process the sources. What I did, though, is buying my papers whenever I had issues making them myself. In most cases, this was enough and provided me with enough grades to remain at the top of my class. However, there are other approaches you can take before resorting to this, such as using a counselor.

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The word "essay" came into the Russian language from French and historically goes back to the Latin word exagium (weighing). The French ezzai can be literally translated with the words experience, trial, attempt, sketch, essay.

An essay is a prose work of small volume and free composition, expressing individual impressions and thoughts on a particular subject or issue, and knowingly does not claim to be a determining or exhaustive treatment of the subject.

L.P. Krysin's "Explanatory Dictionary of Foreign Words" defines an essay as "an essay treating some problems not in a systematic scientific form, but in a free form.

"The Great Encyclopedic Dictionary" gives this definition: "An essay is a genre of philosophical, literary-critical, historical-biographical, and publicistic prose, combining an emphasized individual position of the author with a relaxed, often paradoxical narration, oriented to colloquial speech."

"The Concise Literary Encyclopedia" specifies: uk essays reviewsis a prose work of small length and free composition, treating a private subject and presenting an attempt to convey individual impressions and considerations connected in one way or another with it."

Some signs of an essay are:

- The presence of a specific theme or question. A work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems, by definition, cannot be performed in the essay genre.

- an essay expresses individual impressions and considerations on a particular subject or issue and does not claim to be a defining or exhaustive treatment of the subject.

- as a rule, an essay implies a new, subjectively colored word about something, such a work may have a philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic, literary and critical, popular science or purely fiction character.

- in the content of an essay the author's personality - his or her worldview, thoughts and feelings are evaluated first and foremost.

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