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In daily life, there are more and more tools made of 4x8 aluminum sheet, and we should pay attention to avoid its hazards. First, use aluminum cookware properly.

Because aluminum cookware is light and soft, it is easy to scratch, and the spilled aluminum element will have a slow chemical reaction with sugar, salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, etc. , thereby increasing the chances of people ingesting aluminum. So using aluminum cookware to hold salt, acid, alkali, food will not be too long. Do not use aluminum shovels, aluminum spoons and other utensils, because when they are cooking, long-term scratches will trap the rice, resulting in invisible aluminum chips, which can enter the body with the food entrance.

Then don't eat foods high in aluminum. Eat less or no cakes that are sold with aluminum-containing food additives, as well as foods such as fritters, cakes, bread, and biscuits.

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