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The 7075 t6 plate, that is, the 7075 aluminum plate that has undergone t6 strengthening treatment, has higher strength than the general 7075 aluminum plate. T6 is the strengthening treatment. After T6 treatment, the yield force and tensile strength of the 7075 aluminum alloy sheet are greatly improved. At the same time, the 7075 aluminum alloy sheet has good mechanical properties and anodizing properties. American ASTM Standard 7075 Aluminum Alloy is rated B mechanical properties by the Degree Alliance for its ability to produce crimped or brittle chips and an excellent surface finish.
7075 t6 plate aluminum alloy has dense structure and strong corrosion resistance, which is more suitable for the application of aviation and marine plates. 7075 aluminum alloy has ordinary corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. Fine particles provide better deep drilling performance and enhanced tool wear resistance. Main features of 7075 T6 aluminum sheet: This is a commonly used super-hard aluminum, which is a high-strength alloy. It has moderate plasticity in the annealed and as-quenched state and can be heat treated to strengthen. Usually used in the quenched artificially aged state. The strength obtained at this time is much higher than that of general hard aluminum, but the plasticity is lower; the extruded semi-finished products and 4x8 aluminum sheet with not too large sections have good corrosion resistance, and the 7075 aluminum plate alloy has a tendency of stress concentration, and all transfer parts should be Smooth transitions, reduce eccentricity, etc. Good spot welding, poor gas welding, good machinability after heat treatment, low machinability in annealed state.
Applications for 7075 t6 sheet are in the manufacture of load bearing members and high load parts such as girders, stringers, reinforcing frames, skins, ribs, joints, landing gear parts, etc. on the airplane. Usually used to replace 2A12 aluminum alloy.

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