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The purpose of cleaning aluminum plates is to form a surface oxide layer and create good surface conditions for welding between 4x8 aluminum sheet. However, many problems have been found during the welding of aluminum sheets, such as pores, slag inclusions and lack of fusion on the weld surface. The main reason is that the surface of the aluminum plate is not clean, so the cleaning solution is very necessary. This article summarizes the steps in the aluminum plate cleaning process.
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The 5 steps of aluminum plate cleaning are as follows:
1. Rinse the surface of the aluminum plate with plenty of water;
2. Gently scrub the board surface with a soft cloth dipped in water to dilute the cleaning agent;
3. Rinse the board surface with plenty of water, and then rinse off the dirt;
4. Check the board surface, if some places are still dirty, focus on cleaning it with detergent;
5. Rinse the surface of the aluminum plate with water again until the detergent is washed off.
NOTE: DO NOT & # 8217; DO NOT wash the hot plate surface (temperature above 40°C), as the water evaporates too quickly and is harmful to the paint on the surface. What needs special attention is that please choose a suitable detergent, a basic principle is: be sure to choose a neutral detergent! Please do not use strong alkaline detergents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, strong acid detergents, abrasive detergents or soluble paint detergents. After learning the cleaning steps of the 1/8 Aluminum Sheet, let us pay attention to the quality of the aluminum plate. The qualified aluminum plate has smooth surface without bubbles, small weight error, neat edges without burrs, and accurate element rate. With all of this in mind, Huawei stands out from its competitors. If you browse our website and products, you will find out why. Come on, professional sales managers are waiting for you!
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