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Aluminum sheet is the most widely used aluminum product in the world. As we have learned about other applications of aluminum sheets, such as the application of 1/8 Aluminum Sheet in railway trains, the application of aluminum sheets and aluminum sheets in automobiles. Today, the application of aluminum sheets on shipboards is on the rise.
At present, the 5 series aluminum sheet is the most widely used type in the marine industry. 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy is one of the new products. Because of its high strength, strong stress resistance, corrosion resistance, adaptability to marine environment, low density and good welding ability, it is very easy to process and form, so 5 The aluminum plate for the bottom plate of the ship is a star in the marine industry in the marine economy. At present, aluminum is mainly used for high-speed boats: hydrofoils, flying boats, yachts, small boats, hovercraft, sailboats, catamarans, sea patrol work boats, car passenger ferries, etc. The thickness of aluminum plate for ship board is 0.5-50 mm. In order to reduce the position of the welding seam, people often use 2 meters wide aluminum plates, and large ships use 2.5 meters wide aluminum plates. The ship and cruise ship manufacturing industries will continue to drive the rapid development of 4x8 aluminum sheet in the shipbuilding industry.
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