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dabka Oct 28 '22

Scientists have managed to turn the tide of time.

Time flows in one direction, which means that spontaneous processes cannot be reversed. A hard-boiled egg seems impossible to become raw again by itself. Are you sure?

One-way change.

Everyday life has accustomed us to the fact that time flows only in one direction, from the present to the future. This is an intuitive thing, everyone is getting old and watching the reality around them change irreversibly. The broken glass will not return to its integral form, and the fried eggs in the pan will always remain cut. Further in the blog "Antina Anta - my view

You may ask yourself, why does time always go one way? After all, in terms of molecules smaller than atoms, it shouldn't be so obvious. In the microcosm (and the whole world, including us, consists of it), the laws of physics are symmetric with respect to time, which means that they work the same regardless of how time flows.

This situation changes when we look at the macro level, larger than the atoms of the world of whole organisms and geological structures. At this scale, the direction of time no longer seems to be indifferent. The explanation of this phenomenon can be found in the second law of thermodynamics, which introduces the concept of entropy — a measure of energy dissipation and the degree of disorder of the system.

Understanding this allows us to explain why time flows from the present to the future. According to thermodynamics, spontaneous processes occur in closed systems, as a result of which there is an increasing disorder. Their direction is due to the fact that entropy inevitably increases with time.

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