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Since aluminum sheet is the most widely used aluminum product on the market, the quality of the 0.75″ aluminum sheet plate becomes the most important aspect in the production process. For many people who do not know how aluminum sheets are produced, let Huawei Aluminum reveal the secrets of the aluminum sheet production process for you today, so that the aluminum sheet production process is no longer mysterious, and solve the mystery in your heart.
1. The first is the production of raw materials. Any production starts from raw materials, and the raw materials of aluminum plates are aluminum ingots. Usually, the aluminum ingots are melted into molten aluminum, and then the liquid aluminum is put into the continuous casting machine, and the molten aluminum passes through. The casting and rolling machine casts rolls, usually the thickness of the casting rolls is between 8-10mm, which is the first step in the production of aluminum sheets.
2. The finishing mill is then used for finishing, usually the precision of the finishing mill can be controlled within 0.01mm, and then the finishing mill repeatedly rolls the casting roll to the required thickness. This is the second and most important step in the production of aluminum sheets.
3. Next is the trimming and cleaning of the casting roll. The trimming is to trim the irregular edges of the roll, and the cleaning is because the rolling mill is about the rolling oil inside the rolling material, and the oil on the surface must be cleaned.
4. The last step is annealing and packaging. Annealing is placed in a constant temperature annealing furnace for a period of time, and the internal grain size of the 5052 aluminum sheet for sale is changed by high temperature to obtain various mechanical properties and elongation. After the annealing is completed, it is opened by the equipment Processed and then packaged into various packages.
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