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Terms and Conditions

Here are the basic rules and conditions that everyone must follow on SingleinThailand.com

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to SingleInThailand.com affirms that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree with any of these rules, you agree not to use or even visit this site. Anyone who does not comply with one or other of these rules may lose the ability to post messages or be expelled from SingleInThailand.com.

By using or visiting this Thai Dating site, you agree with the fact that SingleInThailand.com not be liable if a user does not comply with the terms and conditions. You also waive all claims that either from the site SingleInThailand.com and directors. By subscribing to this website, you affirm that you are 18 years or older. SingleInThailand.com reserves the right to expel a user if he is suspected of not having the minimum age.

Your Account
-Only one account per person on the new Thai Dating website is permitted and allowed. Any member with multiple accounts or many different other account will be delete all accounts without notice from our team SingleInThailand.com.
-You agree not to include wrong and false information in your account or profiles for not avoid other single members.
-It is forbidden to share his account with one or more persons if that persons not agree with that.

Your profile
- Your profile is intended to help you make to meet , find your soulmate, linking new friends, find partners for activities, sharing passions and chat online . Anything that is not in this context may be refused and lead to the removal of the profile. By creating your profile, you agree with the following: .

-You agree not to publish a description containing discriminatory , defamatory or hateful .
-You agree not to publish incomplete or inconsistent description.
-You agree not to post provocative or description designed to trigger a controversy.
-You agree not to publish a description of a commercial nature , which aims to sell a product , recruit clients or business partners .
-You agree not to post links to external sites.
-You agree not to write your profile in a language other than English and Thai .
-You agree to create a profile of your gender and not the opposite gender. For example, if you are a man , you agree not to pretend to be a woman.
SingleInThailand.com reserves the right to edit or delete , without notice, any profile that seems inappropriate .

Personal Information
You consent to the collection, transfer, storage and use of your personal information by SingleInThailand.com. You also agree to receive promotional communications order from our Thai Dating site.

Your photos
By publishing a photo on SingleInThailand.com site you agree with the following:
-You agree to publish real personal photos of you and not those of another individual or person if it not you. You also agree to appear and be clearly recognizable in your photos.
-You agree not to post photos for which you do not have copyright or the authorization to use that picture. For example: animated cartoons, celebrities , photos taken from a magazine or a website.
-You agree not to publish pictures showing nudity or anything obscene, provocative, indecent , or inappropriate . -You agree not to post photos showing the address of another web site, email, company name , phone number , address or other personal information. -You agree not to publish pictures is connected to the violence. In addition, SingleInThailand.com reserves the right to remove without notice any photo that seems inappropriate .

Rules of Conduct
-You agree not to disclose information that is communicated to you from other members unless you consent law.
-You agree not to disclose defamatory information or can in one way or another affect the reputation of an individual person joined on Single In Thailand.
-You ok to have a single identity on the site. You agree to have and use a single alias.
-You are not allowed to not to impersonate a person of the opposite sex . For example, if you are a man , you agree not to pretend to be a woman.
-You can not to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number and email .
-You agree not to be rude, racist or discriminatory conduct , harassing other members, threaten, make fun of them or insult them.
-You accept not to solicit other members for any commercial reason. Whether it is to sell a product , recruit clients or partners for business.
-You agree not to solicit members to send to an external site , whatever.
-You agree not to post information that you know is false or misleading or with illegal activities.
-You must not to attempt to impersonate another user or person .
- You agree not to post any content promoting or encouraging any criminal activity or enterprise or provides instructional information about illegal activities , including, without limitation , the making or buying illegal product, violating someone 's life private and anyone distributing or creating computer viruses .
-You agree not to post content involving the transmission of spam from email chains, mass mailings unsolicited instant messages, unwanted advertising messages or unsolicited email .

Cost for use of the site
Thai Dating SingleInThailand.com is a free site, no fee will be charged.

Responsibility of the Member
Members and visitors of this site are responsible for the messages they send, the content of their profile pictures they post or any other information they choose to transmit from the site or off-site. Members are also responsible and moderate denounce any action that is not consistent with the terms and conditions of this site. Singles In Thailand shall in no event be liable messages, photos or actions of members and visitors on site and off site. Accordingly, you waive all claims that either from the site SingleInThailand.com and directors.

the Thai Dating SingleInThailand.com makes no warranty as to the service it offers.Single In Thailand Dating does not guarantee that the site will be functional and accessible at all times . SingleInThailand.com does not guarantee that this service will always be functional, it does not contain bugs, there will be no power outage, server failure , network failure , slow , messaging issue , problem on the forum or other. SingleInThailand.com will not be held responsible if the site becomes useless if data is lost if private messages on the forum or lost, or if a member leaves the site or is removed for any reason .Our Thai Dating does not warrant that this website will allow anyone to meet someone , find love or develop a friendship. SingleInThailand.com can not guarantee that messages sent to the moderators or administrators will be answered . SingleInThailand.com can not guarantee that the terms and conditions of this site will be respected by all users or visitors.

Account deletion
SingleInThailand.com is a free site. Use of this site SingleInThailand.com is not a right but a privilege. Failure of one or other of the rules could result in the permanent deletion of your account. SingleInThailand.com reserves the right to delete an account for any other reason not mentioned in these terms and conditions. SingleInThailand.com also reserves the right to remove any account without prior notice or justification. SingleInThailand.com reserves the right to ignore any request for account reactivation . Any user who protest against the removal of a member could also see his account be deleted from the site. Whether you are removed or not, you claim to be in agreement with the fact that you can not recover your private messages and messages posted on the forum .SingleInThailand.com reserves the right , at its discretion , remove or not a user has been deleted or not messages. Finally, your account is deleted or not, you waive all claims that either from the site SingleInThailand.com and directors .

By using or visiting our Thai Dating, you say you are aware that it is in the very nature of the Internet to allow users to publish their messages, their sites , photos or other content instantly. Considering the fact that there are thousands of messages and photos posted on the site every day , SingleInThailand.com can not filter and check all content before it is published . Accordingly, by the Thai Dating can not guarantee that all users will abide by the terms and conditions of the site . To ensure that users of the site comply with the terms and conditions, you agree that it is your responsibility to moderate the site using the moderation tools in place. Under each photo, profile and message there is a link " Inappropriate ", " inappropriate Profile " or "Photo inappropriate ." If you realize that a member does not comply with any of the rules in the terms and conditions , you agree to use these links to denounce them. After a few denunciations, a picture, a message or a user may be automatically deleted from the Thai Dating site Single In Thailand.

Changing terms and conditions
Singles In Thailand may at any time, without notice, change the terms and conditions if necessary. In such a case you will be informed by email or through the forum. Afterwards, if you choose to continue to use our services, you automatically agree with the changes to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the changes, you must immediately stop using and visiting Single In Asia Thai Dating site.

1. Agreement

The deal between you and http://www.singleinthailand.com/ start as soon you created your profiles. This deal can be modified by Single In Asia at anytime and be effective upon publication by Single In Thailand. We can change at anytime the rules, conditions, design, features, profiles members and all other tools we included at Singles in Thailand.

2. Age Limite

We allow the use of the Thai Dating http://www.singleinthailand.com/, website especially for Singles people over 18 only, you can’t use our dating platform if you are under this age. Using Single in Thailand mean you guarantee that you have the control and the authority to join at this Website. You must to respect the law of your country about the age Limit for use Dating website.

3. Usage our Website

SingleinThailand.com are not responsible for the content that our members post, although we are doing our best to remove inappropriate content. And pictures, we are not responsible of this, and the responsibility is all yours.of our free member disturb, annoying, upsetting, vexing, irritating provoking,... you, although we are doing our best to remove inappropriate content, member, profile pictures, spam,... . All our Free members must to create only one profile. All person not respect that will get profile and Ip: block and delete.

3. Account Members Join

You are required to put pictures that belongs to you, we are not responsible if another person get annoyed by the use of his or her pictures uploaded to http://www.singleinthailand.com. You are required to put your location, date of birth, place born, valid email. Note www.SingleinThailand.com are not responsible if another person get annoyed by the use of his or her pictures uploaded to Singles in Thailand. We are not responsible attempt to scam or defraud members, send spam.

4. Advertising

We don’t use you'r data for any commercial purpose, but you have to understand that all the information's posted on our Website will be easily accessible to members. Singleinthailand.com are not responsible of attempt to scam or defraud members, send spam.

5. Our Right to Cancel

We reserve the right to cancel your membership and profile at any time and any reason, without any notification. Singleinthailand.com can justified the reason if be necessary. Anyway SingleinThailand.com is under no obligation to provide any justification. Inactive profile member might be deleted by the Thai Dating website http://www.singleinthailand.com.

6. Guarantee of our Website and Free services

We don't give warranty or guarantee of the availability of the website Date in Thailand and Free membership. It is provided, and may be discontinued or changed at any time without any notice.

Best Regards, Singleinthailand.com